Common Issues


Heater gas line and placement of the heater itself.
Reposition heater when re-plumbing for new filter. The placement of the access panel for the heater needs to have a min. 24 inch clearance. Gas code and installation book require black iron pipe or Outdoor rated and stamped for the heater’s BTU rating equal to or greater than the heater’s BTU rating. This estimate is for time only and no parts. Estimate for hours 2.5hrs


Removal and replacement of cracked filter. Cut out cracked filter and removal of sand media. Placement of new filter and all plumbing, new sand, and if using a new sand filter 2-3hrs of labor. If using a cartage filter plumb in a bypass valve for use when the pool has heavy debris 2hr of labor for bypass valve and cartage filter.


Pool power switch. The pool power switch need to off the ground and away from possible contact with standing water. The Power coming out to the equipment pad needs to be GFCI protected. Secure 4×4 treated post to concrete pad, or dig and cement in post and secure switch box to post estimated labor 2hrs. I will check the power line for a GFCI breaker at no cost. However if I am unable to determine if the line is GFCI pro tected, a licensed Electrician will need to be hired to check and or install a GFCI breaker. A licensed Electrician may be supplied by pool owner or upon request or I can provide one for the pool owner at the Labor rate of $92.00/hr this cost DOES NOT INCLUDE MATERIALS REQUIRED BY THE ELECTRICIAN.


Repair light niche leak. It is my belief and also the pool owners that the water loos from the pool is due to a leak in the light fixture. I will attempt to fix leak with a light niche plug. There is no expressed guarantee that this will stop the leak. Estimate for labor is 1-2hrs.


All plumbing will be done in SCH. 40 PVC and all 90 degree elbows will be long radius 90 degree elbows to reduce friction loss and improve the pools hydraulic flow due to the pool’s existing 1.5in plumbing.


Optional equipment. A automatic timer should be installed to run the pool on a clock and eliminate manual on/off running of the pool as a minimum estimated 1.5hrs of labor. What I recommend is an Automation timer. This timer will eliminate a mechanical timer and in the possi ble future control future added equipment. Please ask for further information.


In-line Chlorinator for ease of sanitation of pool water. Any type of chlorinator installed on a pool requires a one way check valve. This check valve is required by all heater manufactures to prevent super chlorinated water reaching the heater’s heat exchanger estimated labor 1hr.

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